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Experience the magic of a real discotheque with our Disco Easy Up Tent. As soon as you step inside, you’ll feel the groove and energy of a lively dance floor. Or immerse yourself in wintry vibes with our Ski Hut Easy Up Tent. Here, you’ll experience the coziness as if you’ve just come off the ski slopes and are ready for an après-ski party. These unique experiences are guaranteed to be talked about for a long time by your guests! Whether it’s a corporate event or a private party, our themed tents add that extra special touch to your event. With our tents, every party becomes an unforgettable experience that feels complete. We’re ready to make your special occasion truly extraordinary!


Capture unique and memorable moments with our photobooth

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How unforgettable can an event be? With a photobooth, no moments are forgotten! Let the prints fully match the style of your event, while the most fun photos are printed instantly. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or business event, the photobooth always adds a touch of atmosphere!

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Experience the fun of our photobooth for yourself. A unique opportunity to capture the funniest and most memorable moments during your party or event. A fun keepsake with just one click!


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Growing up in a family active in the events industry, I have often been involved in a wide variety of events. During this time, I developed a mission; I repeatedly saw standard tents that were mainly functional but did little to contribute to the atmosphere and experience. This inspired me to design exclusive themed tents, giving your event a unique atmosphere. Now, several years later, we have been able to offer many customers a special party experience. We are very proud of that!

  • Tom van den Oord

Our vision

We look ahead and embrace a vision in which we constantly push the boundaries of creativity and design within the events industry. Our goal is to be the leading partner for event organizers who strive for tents that not only stand out but also leave an indelible impression. We focus on transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary, unforgettable experiences.


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