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Looking to add something special to your event? Dive into our collection of unique Themed Tents and discover how to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you choose to rent or buy, each tent in our collection is designed to elevate your event to the next level. Start today by clicking ‘Rent Now’ and secure a magical themed tent for your next event.

Ski Hut Easy Up Tent

Experience the authentic après-ski atmosphere in your own country with our Ski Hut Easy Up Tent. Ideal for winter parties, with ample space for a large group. Quick to set up for a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

€350 excluding VAT per day.

Disco Easy Up Tent

Step into the era of glitter and glamour with our Disco Easy Up Tent. Perfect for theme parties, complete with disco ambiance for an unforgettable night.

€350 excluding VAT per day.

Tropical Easy Up Tent

Immerse yourself in an exotic paradise with our Tropical Easy Up Tent. Ideal for summer parties and events, this tent offers a unique atmosphere.

€350 excluding VAT per day.

Arabic Easy Up Tent

Discover the magic of Arabian nights with our Arabic Easy Up Tent. Add a touch of eastern mystique to your event.

€350 excluding VAT per day.

Western Easy Up Tent

Relive the Wild West with our Western Easy Up Tent. Perfect for theme parties that require a rugged, authentic atmosphere.

€350 excluding VAT per day.

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